You have conceived an idea about a book and now want to get down to the important part of putting your ideas on paper and finally getting your book published through Book Circle. However, you do not know how to proceed further. In this section, we will answer all your queries on different stages of book production.

If you think you have something to say and have conceived the idea of a book in your mind, we can help you in publishing it. Our creative team will assist you in giving a tangible shape to your thoughts and ideas. We will help you in creating the structure of the book in the shape of preface/prologue, chapters, epilogue etc. If you have already written the book and have a draft manuscript ready then we will help you in its revision and getting the final draft ‘print ready’. We will also help you in exploring the market in India and abroad. Thus, Book Circle will become a single stop for bringing your dream of publishing of a book to culmination. Book Circle gives opportunities to an author to show-case their product in vast Indian Market. Needless to add, we strive to help the writers to make the publishing experience enjoyable and rewarding.

You can start by submitting Preface, sample chapters and the content of the book to facilitate our editorial team to evaluate your book.

Once the preliminary evaluation process is over, we will enter into an agreement and complete the legal formalities, where after we would like you to send in your complete manuscript in digital files for further evaluation at our end. When your manuscript arrives at Book Circle, it will be assigned to a specialist editor corresponding with your subject. The specialist will spend some time reviewing and analyzing the contents of your manuscript.

Before submission of the final manuscript, we will help you to ensure that the manuscript is compiled in a single word processor file like Microsoft Word, and that it contains all applicable texts such as acknowledgements, dedication, preface, Index, Table of contents, image captions, back cover copy etc.

You are free to send your manuscript as an attachment to an email, or through the mail or through a messenger on a CD-ROM.

Email address for sending your complete manuscript file (one single file for the text) is: manuscripts@bookcircle.co.in

Book Circle will return your un-approved manuscript within 3-4 weeks by courier or recorded mail to you at our cost.

If your work is considered fit to be published as it is, without any major changes, then the copyright will be with you and publishing rights would be with us till the term of the agreement.

If the book requires substantial changes to make it fit to be published, then copyright would be shared by Book Circle and the author.

Book Circle, as a respectable and responsible organisation, shall ensure that your rights as an author are fully protected as defined by the law.

We shall be sending you the sales statement upto 31st March each year for your confirmation, within 45 days of closure of March 31st. The cheque for royalty payment if any shall be sent thereafter.

At Book Circle, we will channelise your book through our dealer /distributor network, a system that has been in place for last four decades. We will advertise and would also try to sell it online through our website. Upon publication, your book shall automatically qualify for a full page advertisement in Book Circle magazine, free of cost. This advertisement is repeated as and when required. Your book will also be hosted on all the prominent websites in India and abroad.

Book Circle, with the author’s permission, will decide the size and style of the book. We will be sending to you final proofs, dummies, paper samples, interior and exterior designs of the book before going for final printing.

Book Circle needs to set a minimum price, depending on the physical properties of the book (number of pages, page size, color etc.). Beyond that, it is up to you to set the Price of the book in mutual consultation with Book Circle.