Editorial & Designing Facility

At BookCircle all requisite facilities for book publication are available under one roof. We have a dedicated team of editors, proof readers, designers who are committed to giving best services to the writers and authors.

Production of books

At Book Circle, we make your book striking and eye-catching to make it more marketable and appealing to the readers. Our dedicated team of expert designers will prepare attractive and appropriate layout of the book that is placed before you for your approval before the books is sent for final printing and binding. You get precisely what you desire: more choices with no hassles.

Sales & Marketing

Once the book has been approved for publishing, it is assigned a unique number commonly known as ISBN. This insures that your book qualifies to be hosted at a number of national and international portals such as Flipkart, Rediff, Amazon etc.

Web hosting and designing

At Book Circle we display the books of the authors on our web-site along with the author’s preface and comments of eminent persons as well as reader’s views. Our dedicated team is comprised of experienced professionals in their respective fields, such as website development, graphic designing, search engine optimization, e-commerce implementation, and marketing. We have an earnest desire to help the writers to make a success of their endeavor.

Inviting Fiction & Poetry Writers

Book Circle invites both new and established authors, writing fiction or poetry in English or offering English translations of novels/stories and poetry, originally published in any Indian or foreign language.

Territory or Country specific

Cultural settings and reading habits of two particular areas are always different. Should you require your book to cater specifically to a particular class of readers in a country, we at Book Circle help you in doing so. Particularly, we help overseas writers in getting acquainted with the Indian conditions and help them in publishing a book which is India specific. Similarly, we help Indian writers to get accustomed to foreign readers if they desire to write for such a market.